Liberty Prevails in District 34

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hard Work Trumps Big Money

Charles Gregory, 33, proved on Tuesday that a commitment to getting in touch with the voters of the district, a commitment to listen to and respond to their concerns, and a willingness to work hard can beat out big money establishment incumbents when properly executed.  Charles, ever the humble winner, credits his success to his many hardworking and dedicated volunteers, but if the truth be told, there was no one who worked harder than Mr. Gregory himself. On a daily basis, Charles was walking the district and discussing the issues with the people he met. He was personally developing and managing his web content and presence, and he was creating heartfelt mail pieces for the people of his district.

According to Charles, all of his campaign donations (approximately $10,000) came from individuals who had heard and believed in his message. Contrast this to his opponent Judy Manning, 69, who received the bulk of her $90,000 from special interest groups and other incumbent Republicans.

Charles is a candidate dedicated to advancing the ideals of personal liberty and individual freedom – he is a champion of the 2nd amendment and small government.  The cause of liberty has dealt a significant blow to the Republican establishment with his win, and with his foot in the door, he has helped pave the way for future liberty candidates to get themselves elected with a proven system.

Congratulations, Charles. You have your work cut out for you now in trying to get our issues heard at the General Assembly, but we’ll follow your lead and work our tails off to back you up every step of the way.

by Unknown
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