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Below is a comprehensive database of Charles Gregory’s votes during his time in the Georgia General Assembly.

Charles and his volunteer staff strive to research each bill and vote consistently on the principles of natural law and natural rights, individual liberty and personal responsibility, personal property rights, lowering and eliminating taxes, fees, and fines, the rule of law and the constitution, the non-aggression principle / the golden rule, sound money and free markets, reducing the size of government, and abolishing unnecessary laws and regulations.

Below are a few things to keep in mind as you research:

  • It is not unusual for a bill to either not address, or to do exactly the opposite of, what the title of the bill may suggest or what is being outwardly marketed by those pushing the legislation - or to include unrelated or tenuously related content meant to be "snuck through".  Summary information is, by definition, incomplete and almost always misleading.
  • Most legislation is written with very little thought given to any unintended consequences or consideration of those who will ultimately bear the financial or regulatory buden.
  • Throughout the legislative process, "poison pills" frequently spoil what could otherwise be acceptable or beneficial.  Good, clean legislation can be neutered or rendered harmful by the addition or removal of a paragraph, a clause, or even a single word.
  • Programs said to "create jobs" are ultimately schemes to buy votes by giving special favors to specific individuals, businesses, and/or industries.  Those that ultimately pay the cost of government intervention are consistently ignored.  The economy as a whole suffers from distortions in the free market and the mal-investment it creates.
  • Sadly, government and special interests regularly deceieve the people to get what they want.  Don't take anything at face value.  As they say, "the devil is in the details".

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