On The Issues

Charles Gregory's position statements, in alphabetical order, can be reviewed below.  If you would like to suggest another issue for this page, please contact us.

Issue Position

As your representative, I will fight for school choice, local control, parental rights, and tax credits.

Parents should have the freedom to choose the best educational options for their children!

Public Schools

As your representative, I will fight to restore local and parental control to the public school system.

The Department of Education, No Child Left Behind, and other attempts by the federal government to centralize control over education are detrimental to Georgia’s public school system.  The results are evident as more and more money is allocated to the system, and yet performance continues to stagnate or decline.

Federal subsidies, and the bureaucratic regulations and mandates attached to them, confine schools and teachers to working within a restrictive top down structure.  They no longer have the flexibility or autonomy to work with parents and children in novel and creative ways; this can deprive classrooms of the innovation and motivation necessary for students and teachers to meet their highest potential.

Meanwhile, our children are learning that they are just-another-number in the system and how to take standardized tests, instead of how to think critically and independently.

Teachers and parents should be allowed to work together in the child's best interest without government interference; and teachers should be accountable to parents, not the government.  Schools and teachers should have the flexibility to innovate.  Curriculum should be decided locally; the closer to home, the better. 

Private And Charter Schools

As your representative, I will fight to lift restrictive regulations on private and charter schools.

The government monopoly on education is depriving our children of the benefits of the free market.  Increasing competition would require school administrators and teachers to raise performance or risk going out of business.  Currently, the regulatory complexities on alternative forms of education are an impediment for their creation and operation. 

Home Schooling

As your representative, I will stand up for homeschooling and parental rights and support tax credits for educational expenses.

Having over a decade of community service experience working with Christian homeschool organizations, I have witnessed the sheer dedication and commitment it takes to be a home school parent.  I also understand the economic and regulatory challenges involved.  Ultimately, a child's education is the responsibility of the parent, and parents who decide to home school their children should have the freedom to do so, free of burdensome government interference.

It is also unethical that parents who home school their children must pay for public schools through property taxes when they do not utilize those institutions.  For this reason, short of repealing property taxes, I believe tax credits should be available to home school parents for educational expenses.


As state representative, I will work to bring ethics, transparency, and accountability to Georgia state government.

In a recent state integrity investigation, Georgia was ranked the Most Corrupt of the 50 States.

Throughout the course of my involvement in state politics, I have personally witnessed and been utterly dismayed by the level of cronyism, sense of entitlement, and outright corruption of many of those in power, even at the local level. My personal disillusionment and frustration with the integrity of our political class has played a large role in my decision to run for office.

As Michael Caldwell writes:

Our Republic fails when the “public servants” that we send to the Capitol fail to place our interests before their own. When deals are brokered behind closed doors and Representatives fail to adequately represent the people, our State ceases to answer to the people and begins to answer to the “elected” few.

I believe Georgia deserves better than last place and I am committed to being part of the solution!

Gun Rights

As your representative, I will fight to restore and protect gun rights!

It is the natural right, and responsibility, of every individual to protect his or her own life. 

Gun Control

Gun control laws disarm law abiding citizens, clearing a path for criminal violence.  Even people who don’t like or own guns benefit from those of us who do.  It is a deterrent when criminals must assume they face an armed rather than unarmed population.  “Gun-free” zones are not safe zones; in effect, they turn our citizens into sitting ducks for those who would do us harm.

The Second Amendment

Our founding fathers risked their lives and fortunes to rid our shores of an oppressive foreign government.  They enacted second amendment to ensure that the American people maintained the tools necessary to resist tyranny at home. To this day, the second amendment serves as guardian of every other right.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Constitutional Carry

Law abiding citizens, with the exception of the mentally ill and individuals who have been convicted of a violent crime, should not have to ask the government for permission to own or carry a weapon, or to exercise their God-given, natural right of self defense.


As your representative, I will work to build an atmosphere conducive to job creation by reducing taxes, lifting regulations, eliminating government programs, and returning jobs to the private sector where they belong.

The Free Market

Jobs are not created by the government.

Jobs are a natural byproduct of the free market in the absence of government interference.  The only proper means for the government to help create jobs is to get out of the way.

As a small business owner, I have first-hand experience navigating the convoluted tangle of government regulation, taxation, and bureaucracy.  Such government interference in the free market eats away at profits, hinders job growth, and renders many small business unable to grow and compete.  If you have any doubts about this, just try opening a lemonade stand without breaking some law.


As your representative, I will fight to repeal unnecessary laws.  We have way too many!


As your representative, it is my duty to protect the life of every citizen from conception until natural death.

Human life begins at conception and a human life is infinitely precious.

You can’t have Liberty without Life.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul

State Funding

It is an unconscionable perversion for a governing body to force its citizenry to participate in the aborting of an unborn child.  When our tax dollars are used to promote and to fund the procedure it is an abuse of public trust of the greatest magnitude.  I will support efforts to eliminate government’s promotion and financial support of abortions.

Roe vs. Wade

The Federal overreach of Roe vs. Wade stands in violation of the 10th amendment to the constitution.  It is a usurpation of the states’ power and authority over such matters.

Social Attitudes

As a practical matter, legislating morality is not effective.  The issue is much more complicated than simply criminalizing the practice of abortion.  Abortions will occur whether they are outlawed or not.

Ultimately, reducing the number of abortions can only be accomplished by reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies.  This will require changing the attitudes, behaviors, and mores of our society.  Teaching self-respect, respect for all life, and personal and social responsibilities are the keys to reducing abortions.  Indeed, influencing social attitudes and behaviors are the unique prerogatives and responsibilities of the parents, the churches, and of the community.

It is imperative that the moral issues of our society be the passionate focus of pro-life advocates.

Role Of Government

The proper role of government is to protect and defend the life, liberty, and property of its people.

The authority of government is an extension of our own individual, God-given, natural rights.  As such, the government should not act in ways that would be considered immoral if done by an individual.

Each of us has a natural right to defend his person, his liberty, and his property.  If every person has the right to defend--even by force--his person, his liberty, and his property, then it follows that a group of men have the right to organize and support a common force to protect these rights constantly.  Thus, since an individual cannot lawfully use (offensive) force against the person, liberty, or property of another individual, then the common (government) force--for the same reason--cannot lawfully be used to destroy the person, liberty, or property of individuals or groups.

Fredric Bastiat, The Law, (1801-1850)

As your representative, I will fight to reduce and eliminate taxes.

Nowadays, there is a tax for just about everything; just imagine how much wasted time and manpower it takes on the part of government, businesses, and individuals just to run these institutions and keep up with bureaucratic processes they mandate.

Income Tax

As your representative, I support the repeal of the state income tax in favor of a state sales, or “fair” tax.

If we are not permitted to keep the fruits of our own labor, how can we truly be a free people?  With an income tax, the government has, in essence, laid ownership claim to some fraction of our lives; I believe this method of taxation is immoral.  The income tax also de-incentivizes productivity resulting in fewer jobs.

The following states do not have an income tax:  Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

Let's add Georgia to the list!

Property Taxes

As your representative, I will fight to repeal property taxes.

If you fail to pay your property taxes, the government will seize your property and you will be evicted.  In other words, you don't own your own property; you are merely leasing it from the government.

How can we claim to be a free people when we cannot live on our own land without paying rent to the state.

Sales Tax

As state representative, I will support a consumption based, or “fair”, tax in conjunction with the elimination of the state income and/or property taxes.

Consumption based taxation is the most moral and equitable means of levying taxes.  Individuals have a choice when it comes to if, what, and how much they consume. Furthermore, taxing sales & use incentivizes savings and conservation over consumption and waste.